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regenerative multiphasic deflector shields
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Deep Space Delta Zero-One, or DSD01, is a Nor-class Cardassian space station that had been turned over to Starfleet and the Federation by the Cardassian Union in the late 24th century. As of 2385, it is stationed in the Delta Quadrant, around the orbit of an M-class planet colonized by the Federation that is located 20 light years inside the quadrant's terminus facing the Beta Quadrant.


Like all Nor-class space stations, DSD01 was built by Bajoran slave labor between 2351 and 2356.

In the months leading towards the full operationalization of Vanguard Command, Starfleet Command determined that it was both tactically and strategically worthwhile to establish at least one permanently operating Federation installation in the Delta Quadrant and Gamma Quadrant, respectively. However, it was also agreed that building this new station from scratch right in the quadrant was highly risky and too expensive.

This dilemma was resolved upon gaining information that the still recovering Cardassian Union was willing to part with two old and abandoned but serviceable Nor-class stations in exchange for economic concessions. Starfleet Command immediately grabbed at this opportunity, gave the Cardassian Union what they needed, and acquired the two stations. One of which was given the new designation of Deep Space Delta Zero-One, or DSD01, earmarked for permanent deployment to the Delta Quadrant.

Onboard SystemsEdit

Extensive refits and upgrades began on the infrastructure of DSD01 in late 2384, to completely replace the station's ever uncooperative Cardassian computer system with a Federation ODN network. A double coating of ablative hull armor was added on the structure to better counter the strongest of directed energy weapon fires. Regenerative multiphasic deflector shields were also incorporated into the station's defensive systems.

DSD01's offensive capabilities were also put at par with its older DS9 counterpart, with 48 rotary-mounted pulse phaser arrays, 36 stationary-mounted phaser emitters, 6 slide-mounted phaser emitters (3 ventral and 3 dorsal), and 48 torpedo launchers with an onboard arsenal of 5,000 quantum torpedoes and 500 transphasic torpedoes. With this firepower, DSD01 was a virtual floating fortress.

Station LayoutEdit

DSD01 consists of three main areas:

  • The Central Core which contains the power core, the Promenade and Ops.
  • The inner Habitat Ring which provides quarters for crew and visitors and is connected to the rest of the station by large connecting bridges.
  • The outer Docking Ring which can accommodate up to twelve (12) small ships through the docking ports and which serves as the base for six arching docking pylons that permit larger vessels to dock.

The Habitat Ring is also fitted with six launch and maintenance bays for runabouts and shuttlecraft. The bays are positioned at sixty degree intervals and features a retractable launch pad which raises up to allow easy launch of small crafts. The pad retracts into a bay capable of supporting two runabout-sized crafts or four shuttlecrafts and provides an area for maintenance and loading of different runabout modules.

Personnel ComplementEdit

DSD01 is commanded by Captain Norodin Khan. It has a full Starfleet complement of eighty (80) officers and seven hundred twenty (720) enlisted personnel. In addition, the station is inhabited by two thousand (2,000) civilians coming from the nine (9) Delta Quadrant worlds that have acquired probationary membership in the Federation.

The station also has a civil administration onboard to provide governance over the affairs of the resident civilians. The Talaxian, Neelix, who is the Federation Ambassador to the Delta Quadrant, is the station's Civil Administrator. The ambassadors of the nine (9) Delta Quadrant worlds who have diplomatic offices onboard, serve as the station's civil governing council, which Neelix presides over.

Ship and Auxiliary Craft ComplementEdit

DSD01 is protected by three (3) Defiant-class Armored Escorts. The crews of these ships come from the station's personnel.

DSD01 also has an auxiliary craft complement of three (3) Delta Flyer-class shuttlecrafts, six Danube-class runabouts, and two (2) squadrons of eighteen (18) Phantom-class Advanced Tactical Combat Shuttles.

Vanguard CommandEdit

By 2385, DSD01 was towed to the Delta Quadrant. This was done by first using the technique developed by former DS9 Science Officer Jadzia Dax, which was to decrease the station's inertial mass by erecting a subspace field around the station, allowing it to be safely moved from out of Bajor's orbit to fifteen kilometers from the mouth of the Bajoran wormhole.

With the decreased inertial mass of the station, and with the help of the Quantum Slipstream Drive and the huge pulling power of the USS Viceroy, USS Paladin and USS Belligerent, DSD01 reached the Delta Quadrant in one piece.

DSD01 now serves as the base of operations of the 54-starship strong Task Force Belligerent commanded by Rear Admiral (lower grade) Vraath ch'Evram.

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