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Dawyuum Republic
Dawyuum emblem01


1000 BC





"fdghoo d'Pluu flooghvit (For the people, we fight)"
— motto

The Dawyuum Republic is an intergalactic governing power from the Triangulum Galaxy.

Structure and GovernmentEdit

Unlike the Kellios Empire and the Kingdom of Qallor, the Dawyuum Republic believed, like the Federation, that they had evolved over a course of many billions of years into the supreme life-force on their planet. Rejecting an autocracy, and laughing at the concept of a being of greater power than themselves, the Republic created three bodies of legislative representatives to govern themselves: the Judge, the Governor and the Speakers. The Speakers are congress, the Judge is the supreme court and the Governor is the executive legislative branch. All of these function on a system of checks and balances. The Dawyuum Republic is much similar to that of the United States of America during the early 21st century.


The Triangulum Galaxy was in a state of chaos. Civil war upon civil war ravaged system after system. Eventually, a group of so-called "great minds" gathered to themselves a cult of so-called "forward thinking individuals" and created the Dawyuum Republic. While its motto is "for the people, we fight", the Dawyuum Republic has very little care for the people: the personal bank accounts of each member of the legislative bodies is first and foremost in the respective minds of each member. Declared as "weak" by the Kellios Empire and "hypocritical and heretical" by the Kingdom of Qallor, the Dawyuum Republic soon came at war with both factions.

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