Darya Bat-Levi










2344 (prematurely declared)


Federation, Starfleet



USS Enterprise-C


2285 Command Lieutenant Commander


Darya Bat-Levi was a Human female who served onboard the USS Enterprise-C as its 2nd Officer.

Early CareerEdit

In 2326, Darya and her twin brother Joshua tested a "vacuum-energy-engine" on a shuttle-craft. It was a complete failure; her brother was killed and she was critically injured. Part of her spine, her left arm and both legs were replaced with cybernetic prosthetics, which she became attached to over the years (so much, that she refused to have them upgraded).

The Enterprise-CEdit

In 2336, ten years after the accident, a successful Darya joined the crew of the USS Enterprise-C.

It is believed that she died after Narendra III (killed by the anti-Semitic Gradl who wanted her position to get to the new captain). However, Dr. Boreas was able to place her in cryogenic freeze on Deck 10, Forward Section (not to be confused with the Recreational Lounge Ten-Forward of the USS Enterprise-D), a little-used cargo bay. Her deep-freeze unit was right next to one that held the prime universe Alicia Rookwood, who had died at Narendra III.

Due to what could be called a medical miracle, Dr. Boreas regrew her spine, legs and arm using Klingon DNA recovered from a dk'tahg used to stab Lianna Young by Kor. He was also able to reverse the aging process back to her 2326 appearance, but the white-lock of hair was irreparable.

When the mirror Rookwood discovered her dead counterpart, she accidentally reanimated Darya. She has not yet made herself known to the new crew, and therefore it is still unknown whether she is still alive or remains a reanimated corpse.

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