The Danube-class was a type of Federation shuttlecraft, the first of the runabout line, in operation during the latter 24th and early 25th centuries.

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Registry Name Status Notes
NX-72003 USS Danube (unknown) Presumed prototype and lead ship of the class
NCC-72311 USS Gander Destroyed Shot down by Jem'Hadar attack ships over Goralis III and broke up during reentry[1]
NCC-72454 USS Ganges Destroyed Flown remotely as bait for T'lani cruiser and destroyed[2]
NCC-72617 USS Mekong Abandoned; presumed destroyed Left dead in space in the Omarion Nebula[3]
NCC-72905 USS Orinoco Destroyed Sabotaged by True Way guerrillas, causing a warp core breach[4]
NCC-72452 USS Rio Grande Active
NCC-72936 USS Rubicon Active
NCC-73024 USS Shenandoah Presumed destroyed Attacked by Jem'Hadar attack ships; crew beamed away by USS Valiant[5]
NCC-73196 USS Volga Active
NCC-72453 USS Yangtzee Kiang Abandoned Shot down over penal moon in Idran system and unrecoverable[6]
NCC-74602 USS Yukon Destroyed Destroyed by Dominion bomb in failed attempt to induce a supernova of B'hava'el[7]

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