Atomic Number:


Atomic Weight:

(361)* (*most stable form)


Corbomite is a Chemical Element utilized by the Imperial Federation of United Worlds as an Defensive/Offensive shields system. Corbomite is an synthetic Transuranic Metal. It is element number 140 on the Periodic Table. This element was discovered by the Empire in 2262 on Starbase 27 and then decades later by the United Federation of Planets in 2363.

Elemental PropertiesEdit

Corbomite in its liquid crystal form has the ability to absorb and then redirect and deflect nearly any and all forms of weapons energy when exposed to an energized Nadion Particle Field. Then it creates a large external blastwave of a combination of the external opposing energy force and the Corbomites own internal energy which deflects back onto the hostile firing ship.


Quantum phasers and torpedoes of the S'srellian Rulership's standard vessels are capable of bypassing the corbomite field altogether, inflicting damage on the ship's hull.

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