Mirror Universe
(coexisting on another dimensional plane)
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To serve the Empire by davemetlesits


heavy assault cruiser



500 Soldiers
15 Command
485 Combat


Warp 9.8

I S S Raven s Blood by stourangeau

Within the mirror universe, the Constitution class (called Sato-class within an alternate mirror universe) was a Warship class that is the equivalent of the Constitution-class in the Prime Universe. Personally named after and by its "discoverer" Empress Hoshi Sato the Sato-class was based entirely on the structure and central systems of the captured ship USS Defiant.

Class HistoryEdit

The Sato-classes origins date as far back as the 2150s when Empress of the Terran Empire Hoshi Sato "acquired" the ship from where the class is based on the USS Defiant from Commander Jonathan Archer in 2155.

Notable Sato Class WarshipsEdit

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