Alternate timeline
(covers information from Warship Voyager)

Constitution-class (Type I)


Basic Combat Cruiser



20 (Including 1 Central Munitions/Fighter hold)


20 (Command); 170 (Combat)


Heavy EM Polarized Hull Plating

For additional meanings of "Constitution", please see Constitution (disambiguation).

The Constitution-class (Type I) was the main defense/carrier ship for the Human Celestial Empire throughout a large portion of the mid to late 22nd century to early-mid 23rd century.

Class HistoryEdit

The Constitution was first commissioned by the Imperial House of Sato as a Stage 1 Defensive Warship and personal Royal Guard Ship to Imperion Mechanics (A state run munitions and aeronautics Super-Corp) and YoyoDyne Industries the classes (and the Empires) sole independent contractor.

Creation of the N.X.O.Edit

Most Constitution (Type I) ships were given the prefix designation of the Naval Xploratory One series due to its being the 1st of its kind, however, many Imperial officers had instead termed it the "Zero" series instead due to its capital O at the end. While the Type I was primarily created for Imperial defense and conveyance of the Royal Family, it was later considered to be used as an long range exploratory craft due to its maintaining of a high rate of speed.

Construction HistoryEdit

Construction of the Class began on November 11, 2149 at Utopia Aeronautic Developmental Construction Yards, Imperions central development yard in Utopia City, Mars. The construction process took place in several stages (Most of which took place at Utopia Aeronautical.)

Deck OverviewEdit

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