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The Constellation-class was a type of starship in service with the Federation and Starfleet in use from the late 23rd century and all through the 24th century, classified as a star cruiser.

These ships were among the mainstay of Starfleet's exploratory and defense efforts through the early part of the 24th century, some commanded by the same captain for up to twenty years or more.


The Constellation-class starship was named in memory of the original Constitution-class USS Constellation, which was in battle in 2267.

The first ship of this class, the USS Constellation, was commissioned under experimental status in the year 2275. The Constellation was soon followed by two others, with construction beginning soon thereafter on the USS Stargazer and another sister ship.


The Constellation mounted twin Constitution-style photon decks at the T-joints of each nacelle assembly, above and below the level of the saucer. This gave the Constellation-class four forward photon tubes, each capable of firing a two torpedo spread for a very respectable total salvo of eight torpedoes.

The underside of the Constellation-class saucer featured many fairings that marred her otherwise clean lines. These pallets contained special sensor equipment that befitted her role as a deep-space explorer, most of which could be exchanged for mission specific equipment at a starbase, and could be accessed from the deck above.


By the 2330s, construction of new Constellation-class vessels were limited to two-a-year as new starship designs, such as the Ambassador-class, came into service.

These "old-style" vessels were on the verge of being phased out of front-line service in the 2360s, regarded as being "overworked and underpowered". Many had already been entirely decommissioned and rendered "warp inactive", which included removing all antimatter but did not include removing the warp core. Those that were still in service in the 2360s and 2370s were engaged in support roles within the Fleet, such as transport duties and search and rescue missions.

Very few Constellation-class vessels were still in service as of 2410 aswell as having new sister classes including the Stargazer-class named for the USS Stargazer. Jean-Luc Picard briefly came out of retirement to oversee the construction of the USS Stargazer-A the first of the Stargazer-class vessels.

Vanguard Command

In 2384, extensive work began on several mothballed Constellation-class Star Cruisers underwent extensive refitting, overhauling and upgrades to possess Defiant-class warp drives, Defiant type hulls and armor platings, Defiant type accommodations and amenities, and Defiant type computer and weapon systems. With these changes, the modified Constellation-class ships became almost as powerful as a Defiant-class starship and as almost as fast as an Intrepid-class starship.

In 2385, two uprated and modified Constellation class Star Cruisers, the USS Centaur and the USS Minotaur, were commissioned and assigned to Task Force Rogue of the Vanguard Fleet, under the command of Rear Admiral (upper grade) James Kirk.

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