Alternate timeline
(covers information from Warship Voyager)

The Command Weapons Defense Hologram system is the main computer core for all Defensive/Offensive Weapon systems on all Imperial Federation warships.

Main Core Systems FunctionEdit

  1. To serve as the Central Weapons System for all Imperial Federation Warships to either defend or preemptively attack any and all hostile alien or domestic intruders (Both Internally and Externally of the ship).
  2. To work in tandem with the ships Command Core Hologram and/or Chief Tactical and Security Officer in order to maximize tactical efficiency and to share control of any other civilian ships systems in the event of an emergency.

Systems Core AbilitiesEdit

  • Main Control over all Ships Main and Special Weapons and Defense systems (Unless it is overridden by either the Captain, Chief Tactical and Security Officer, or Command Core Hologram
  • Can convert itself into various arm, shoulder, back, and anti-grav Hover mounted forms of Pulse Phaser, Photonic, and multiple Heavy particle based weapons.
  • Can convert parts of the ships defense systems by utilizing the ships hull wide Holo-Grid into new added weapons systems.
  • Can create varying forms and sizes of force and defense Shields.

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