The Command Liaison of Starfleet Corps of Engineers, or Command Liaison, is the Starfleet officer in charge of overseeing operations of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. The Command Liaison coordinates SCE activity with Starfleet Command and issues mission assignments to the numerous SCE units throughout Starfleet.


The office of the Command Liaison is located in the Tucker Memorial Building, which serves as the SCE's headquarters on Earth.

Command LiaisonsEdit

In 2371, the post was held by Admiral John Harriman, who was at the time considering retirement and attempting to persuade Captain Montgomery Scott to take his place.

By 2375, Scott did take over for Harriman, but found the job not to his liking, frequently delegating his duties to his assistant, Commander Leland T. Lynch.

In August 2375, Scott went on inactive duty, causing Lynch to take over temporarily, though Scott continued to serve in an advisory capacity.

In March 2376, Lynch resigned, and Vice Admiral William Ross persuaded Scott to take over full-time that April.

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