Borg Starfleet by HowlingWolf79

The Command BORG bio-mechanical weapons core is a Prototype weapons system used on certain Starfleet ships such as Warships, as an anti-ship boarding system. The systemes acts as a internal heavy arms ground force. It can be used to either destroy, or assimilate any and all overwhelming hostile forces that try to either breech, or enter the ship.

Primary ParametersEdit

To insure the safety of the ship's crew at all costs (including the sacrifice of it's own life) in the event of an onboard ship incursion. To integrate and assimilate any and all new alien technologies and weapons systems into both it's own bio-mechanical core defense systems or into ship's other systems. To assimilate any salvageable hostile alien intruders into new Borg drone reinforcements to add to ship's defenses. The system also acts as a component to the ship's Command Core Hologram.

Main Core Unit Details/FeaturesEdit

Livingwitness 096

Central Core Unit (Regeneration Mode)

The core of the unit consists of 12 Command Drones and a Central Bio-Queen Borg drone; The Bio-Queen answers directly to the ship's Captain, Fist Officer, Chief Tatical Officer, and can be controlled by the Command Core Hologram when activated. The 12 Command Drones perform specific command functions that are central to the hive's efficiency (i.e. command medical, tactical, and hive & maintenance drones). When the hive is expanded to include more assimilated drones, the new drones are separated and grouped into mini-collectives. These mini-collectives are commanded by each command drone to further maximize the central hive's and the ship's efficiency as a whole.

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