Alternate timeline
(covers information from Warship Voyager)

Main Tactical Holo-Screen (Rear)

The Captains Combat Operations Ready Room acts as both a personal office for the ships Commanding Officer (CO) or Captain as well as a Secondary Central Operations area for the ships entire Command Crew.

Room OverviewEdit

The Combat Operations Ready Room is located on all Imperial Warships within the Command Combat Core or Command Battle Bridge. The exact location is aft of the ships Main Tactical Weapons Command (Weapons Controls). Most Ready Rooms have these basic features:

  • Central Command 3-D Holo-Control Deck: This is the focal point of the entire room. The Deck consists of multiple three dimensional Holographic access control interfaces that utilizes the room into a Secondary Battle Bridge and Central Tactical Control.
  • Multiple Command Tactical screens: 4 Holo-Screens are on the left and right sides of the room. Each of these screens perform a different function:
  1. External Tactical Screen: allows the CO to either view or target all incoming hostile threats/attacks from the outside of the ship.
  2. Internal Tactical Screen: views all interiors of the ship during cases of hostile incursion (also controls Internal Defensive Tactical System).
  3. Tactical Scanning Monitor: operates the Command Tactical Sensor Array, which the CO operates, in order to fully assess any and all possibly hostile first contacts for any special weapons or science systems.
  4. Secondary Command Monitor: acts as a Secondary Command Console, monitoring all main functions, such as Life Support, Main Tactical and Computer Systems.
  • Main Tactical Holo-Screen: acts as a complete tactical sensory overview of an entire battle as well as ship and fighter positions. Located in the rear of the room the massive Holo-Screen.

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