Alternate timeline
(covers information from Warship Voyager)

The Combat Command Core or Command Battle Bridge as it is also known is the main Combat and Command Operations Center for a entire Imperial Warship.

Section OverviewEdit

The entire Bridge while it is the Command Center of all Ships operations it is not the area for Helm or Steering Control (That is Handled by the Virtual Astrometric Drive Core (Helm/StarDrive Bridge). The main function of the Command Core is basically to serve as Ships Main Tactical Center. The bridge is separated into 4 main sections and several sub sections.

Main SectionsEdit

  1. Captains Command Console: also known as Captains Battle Chair is the center of all Bridge and tactical operations and mechanics. It is the chief central computing component of all other bridge systems/sections.
  2. Main Tactical Weapons Command: also known as Main weapons control. This section uses a Neural Interface system similar to the Central Telepresence Core within the Virtual Astrometric Drive Core (Helm/StarDrive Bridge). this Core unit precisely controls all Ships primary and special weapons systems including:
  • All Phaser Systems (Multiple Impact Targeting Systems)
  • All Photonic & Quantum Torpedo Systems (Multiple Positioning/Targeting Systems)
  • All Heavy Weapons systems such as Photonic Cannons
  • Co-independent remote control of all Holo reinforcement systems such as Tactical Holo-Ships, Fighters, Assault Probes (Heavy and Light Sensor), and Combat Holo-Drones (Internal And External).

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