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Colin Campbell Davis








October 26, 2370




Starfleet officer






Other Relatives:

  • Kevin Davis
  • Kathleen Davis
  • Connor Davis

Captain Colin Campbell Davis was a Starfleet officer during the Federation-Klingon War of 2405-2410. After joining Starfleet in 2388, he graduated from the academy in 2392, and went on to serve on numerous ships before taking his first command in 2397, eventually becoming one of the most influential officers in the 25th century.

Early lifeEdit

Colin was born on October 26, 2370, in Hampton, Virginia, in the former United States of America, to two former Starfleet officers, Kathleen Davis, the XO of a Steamrunner-class heavy frigate, the USS Richard Swenson, and Kevin Davis, the CO of the USS William W. Mackall, a Galaxy-class exploration cruiser. As he grew up, he was not only exposed to his parent's Starfleet lifestyle, as well as the history of his family in Starfleet, but also the rich human history in his home city, having a military presence almost since its founding more than eight hundred years prior. He would frequent many different museums as a child, including many museum ships, like the United States battleship from Earth's Second World War, the USS Wisconsin and the USS Enterprise. All these came together to instill a desire to serve in the young Colin, whom would later go on to apply, and be accepted to, Starfleet Academy in 2388.

Starfleet AcademyEdit

During his tenure at the academy, Colin was considered something of an enigma, as during class periods, he would appear to be a model student, but outside the classrooms, he was known as a troublemaker and clown, often earning the ire of several of his instructors. This did not stop him from preforming adequately in his studies, being in the top ten percentile in his tactical and command courses and well within acceptable parameters in most of his other classes, save the more mathematically intense ones, which he did poorly in, only barely managing to get through them. Towards the end of his time at the academy and during his final exams and training cruise, he was compared to an older generation of officers, known for their unique style of "Cowboy diplomacy", something his instructors did not necessarily approve of, but could not deny that in simulations and tests, he did remarkably well on. He eventually graduated in 2392, with the rank of Ensign, serving in the Operations Division onboard the Bismarck-class frigate, USS Lanfranc.

Early CareerEdit

Colin served on the Lanfranc for two years as it charted the systems of the Ilioneus Nebula, close to the border of the Klingon Empire and several minor governments.

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