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Christian Research Contract






Institute for Creation Research (Primary)
United Federation of Planets

For prime universe organization, see Christian Research Contract.
"You shall not make for yourself an idol, whether in the form of anything that is in heaven above, or that is on the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth."
— Exodus 20:4

The Christian Research Contract (also known as the Newtonian Science Contract) (named after Christian Scientist and Theologian Sir Isaac Newton) was an agreement to several mainstream Christian scientific exploratory groups, that three ships would be made every century for Christian scientists. It started in 2301.


In 2301, the Institute for Creation Research asked the Federation if they would agree to build a few starships for them every century. It took five years to decide, due to much heated debate on the idea behind the CRC, but in 2306 the Federation decided to do it. The Federation had almost no choice to do it because of the scientific prospects and possible proof of any of the institutes theories seemed far too intriguing to pass up. After a while, the Federation allowed the CRC to grow into Starfleet and gave them decommissioned ships and flagships.



The Christian Research Contract Academy

The Christian Research Contract Academy was a space station that took homage of training Christian Research Contract cadets. It was made in the Vulcan sector in the Nobleverse. It was built in 2381.

Young Earth Creationists ViewsEdit

Creationists follow three main ideas:

  1. God created Earth around 6000 years ago. (Circa 4000 BC)
  2. God lives all though time, space, and matter.
  3. God sent his son to die for all.

Research Contract Primary MissionsEdit

The primary objectives of the CRC/ICR are to find proof of 3 main theories:

  1. Not only do their own research, but use the Evolutionists scientific results.
  2. Defend God using science.
  3. Help Christian's believes by using science.

Christian ShipsEdit

24th centuryEdit

25th centuryEdit

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