The Chief operations officer, Operations Manager, or Chief of Operations, was a senior staff and department head position in a Starfleet unit.


Aboard Starfleet vessels, the operations manager oversaw communications, sensors, environmental systems, and hangar deck operations. This duty assignment was tasked with conducting all forms of sensor sweeps, including planetary reconnaissance scans.


Essentially, the Operations Department monitored and controled the use of all ship systems not ostensibly involved with propulsion, navigation, or combat. The chief operations officer coordinated directly with the chief engineering officer to ensure that all of the ship's systems were maintained at optimal performance. When no engineer was on the bridge of a starship or operations center of a space station, the operations manager saw to any engineering matters that arose. Although the transporter systems were Engineering Department assets, it was the Operations Department that put them to use. With regards to special environmental conditions required for alien crewmembers or visitors, the chief operations officer coordinated with the ship's chief medical officer. The Ops Department head position was in charge of the recreation areas of the starship or station as well, such as the various recreation rooms, gymnasiums, and holodecks. The operations manager also worked closely with the ship's helmsman with respect to the use of the ship's hangar bays, since the chief conn officer was responsible for flying the shuttles and training shuttle pilots.


While the operations manager was an important position, the post was often filled by junior officers, Lieutenants, and below onboard minor starships. For capital starships and major space stations, the position was usually occupied by a Lieutenant commander, sometimes even a Commander, and usually served as either the second or third officer.

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