The Chief of Starfleet Operations is a high-ranking position in Starfleet Command, charged with the command and control of the operating field units of Starfleet.

Admiral Mattea Hahn served in the capacity in 2265. She was partly responsible for a refit program to several Constitution-class vessels, such as the USS Constellation, USS Defiant and USS Enterprise.

Admiral Chris Richards was the Chief of Starfleet Operations from 2268 to 2269.

Then Rear Admiral (upper grade) James T. Kirk was made Chief in 2270 by Admiral Heihachiro Nogura in the wake of the Rittenhouse Scandal and other difficulties over several years. Kirk remained in the post until 2273, when he regained command of the USS Enterprise during the V'Ger crisis.

Vice Admiral Maximus Hunter held the position from 2369 to 2371.

In 2372, it was occupied by Admiral James Leyton, who had used his authority to manipulate Federation President Jaresh-Inyo into declaring martial law, as well as in attempting a coup-de-etat.

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