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Burgoyne 172


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Burgoyne 172 is a Hermat Starfleet officer in the 24th century who is known for hir tour of duty as Chief engineer of the Ambassador-class heavy cruiser USS Excalibur and the Chief Engineer, then executive officer of the Galaxy-class Battleship USS Excalibur-A. As of 2385, s/he has assumed the position of Chief Engineer of the Invincible-class fleet carrier-heavy battleship prototype USS Invincible.


Burgoyne 172 was born on planet Amphibalus III to just one parent, Burgoyne 171. Unlike most of hir dual-gendered people, Burgoyne was sociable and outgoing. Most Hermats have difficulties dealing with members of other species.

Starfleet Academy LifeEdit

Burgoyne, or "Burgy" as some of his friends call hir, has a natural talent for all things technical. Since the most advanced systems in the Alpha Quadrant are in use by Starfleet, Burgoyne realized that that was where s/he could find sufficient challenge. Thus around 2350 s/he entered Starfleet Academy.

As a cadet, Burgoyne excelled at Engineering, but also did extremely well at psychology and the sciences. Being the happiest when allowed pursuing hir technical prowess; Burgoyne consistently asked for and received assignments to predominantly engineering duty.

Early Starfleet CareerEdit

In 2368, Lieutenant Burgoyne was assigned to the engineering section of the USS Livingston when s/he was assigned to assist a J'naii doctor named Dorvan in stopping a malfunction Federation probe that was wreaking havoc on the planet Damiano.

Burgoyne has a wealth of Starfleet Engineering experience having served in the engine rooms of several classes of modern starships including the Constellation-class USS Magellan, the Excelsior-class USS Livingston, the Oberth-class USS Cochrane, the Miranda-class USS Tian An Men, the Nebula-class USS Ulysses and the Galaxy-class USS Odyssey.

Burgoyne also served a tour of duty at Starfleet Engineering in 2370 during the construction of the Intrepid-class USS Monterey and the design of the new {class|Akira}} starship.

The ExcaliburEdit

In 2371, Lieutenant Burgoyne 172 was transferred to the Ambassador-class USS Excalibur as the Assistant Chief Engineer. There s/he met Commander Elizabeth Shelby the ship's executive officer. After two years of exciting missions at the fringes of the Federation border, the Excalibur was recalled to Earth after Deep Space 5 informed Starfleet Command about a Borg vessel heading towards Sector 001. At Earth the Excalibur joined the task force that was formed to meet the Borg vessel, which consisted of more than a dozen ships including the Bozeman, Budapest, Thunderchild, Yeager, Lexington, Defiant and Endeavor. The Borg vessel was engaged and several Starfleet ships were destroyed. In a series of maneuvers designed to lure the Borg ship away from Earth, the Excalibur was caught and severely damaged by a Borg cutting beam. The Sovereign-class USS Enterprise-E, under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, arrived and led the remains of the fleet to victory. In the encounter several members of the Excalibur crew were killed including their old chief engineer and the ship's commanding officer. Commander Shelby assumed command of the ship upon the death of Korsmo.

Chief EngineerEdit

After the battle with the Borg at Earth, the USS Excalibur was sent to drydock for repairs, and most of the crew were reassigned. Lieutenant commander Burgoyne remained aboard and was reassigned as the ship's Chief engineer under new Captain Mackenzie Calhoun.


Burgoyne was immediately attracted to the ship's new chief medical officer, a Vulcan woman named Selar. When Selar seemed uninterested in hir attentions, Burgoyne had a brief relationship with Lieutenant Mark McHenry.

Selar resisted Burgoyne's advances for some time until, while suffering from the fires of Pon farr, she gave into the mating instinct, and chose Burgoyne to sate her needs.

When Selar became pregnant with Burgoyne's child and attempted to raise him on Vulcan as a Vulcan citizen, Burgoyne took hir case to both the Hermat Directorate and the Vulcan Judgment Council to no avail. Burgoyne eventually convinced Selar to raise the child, Xyon (Named for Captain Calhoun's son), together on the Excalibur.

When the Galaxy-class USS Excalibur-A was commissioned in 2376, Calhoun asked Burgoyne to be his executive officer and Burgoyne accepted. Burgoyne served in the position throughout the Gateways crisis, the battles with the Beings in 2376, the war with the Selelvians and the Tholian Assembly in (approximately) 2377 and 2378, and the Excalibur’s journey to the gelatinous realm of the Bolgar and the Teuthis in 2379.

Starfleet Performance EvaluationEdit

Burgoyne is a gregarious, very self confident, and often boisterous individual. S/he is a strict taskmaster but deals with underlings very fairly. Burgoyne is very outgoing, is effortlessly amiable and as such forms many good friendships. Although s/he spends a large percentage of hir time studying technical specifications to become an even better engineer, Burgoyne always seems to have time to socialize. Having closely known so many people in hir life, Burgoyne is a very good judge of character and often acts as a de facto ship's counselor. Professionally, Burgoyne knows the ship's systems better than anyone aboard. Like many Hermat's, Burgoyne is extremely libidinous and utterly unembarrassable. By the time he assumed his new post as Chief Engineer of the Invincible, Burgoyne knew more about the warp engines aboard an Invincible-class starship than anyone in Starfleet. This knowledge and ability to save the ship in a jam eventually lead to his reputation as a "miracle worker." This was brought about by hir reputation for being able to effect starship repairs faster than usually required.

Vanguard CommandEdit

In 2385, Burgoyne transferred to the Invincible-class fleet carrier-heavy battleship prototype USS Invincible and accepted a downgrade to the position of Chief engineer. The new posting gave hir an opportunity to work on top-of-the-line Starfleet technology. S/he transferred together with hir mate, Dr. Selar, who was also assigned to the new ship as assistant chief medical officer, and their son, Xyon.

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