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Bruce Maddox was a male human in 24th century, and one of Starfleet's foremost cyberneticists.

Maddox he was one of those asked to make a ruling on the android Data's admittance to Starfleet Academy in 2341. He was the only person to object, on the grounds that Data was not a sentient being.

By 2365, Maddox held the rank of Commander, and was the Associate Chair of Robotics at the Daystrom Technological Institute. That year, he submitted a proposal to disassemble then Lieutenant Commander Data for research purposes, which was approved by Admiral Mamoru Nakamura. Data challenged these orders, and Maddox had to argue his case before Judge Advocate General, Captain Phillippa Louvois. Louvois ruled against Maddox, though the hearing brought him a greater appreciation of Data's inherent worth.

Maddox would continue a correspondence with Data for several years to follow.

In 2366, after the failed attempt on the android child Lal, Maddox proposed to Data that they start a new project jointly and reattempt to construct a fully functional adult android. This eventually led to the successful construction and permanent activation of a new Maddox-Data type android, Gen, in 2367. Gen would be the first of five Maddox-Data type androids constructed and over the course of twelve years, until Data's untimely death in 2379.

In 2380, Maddox, now holding the rank of Captain, argued against the plans of the scientists of the Daystrom Institute to disassemble Soong-type prototype B-4 before Federation President Nanietta Bacco and the Federation Judiciary Council that B-4 should not be disassembled.

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