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The Bridge Officer's Test was a test given to an officer in order to test their abilities on becoming a Line Officer, third officer, second officer, executive officer, and the commanding officer of a starship or starbase. Those who pass are given their Command Officer's Certification to show they are capable of serving as a command officer onboard a ship or starbase.


Dr. Beverley Crusher, M.D., Chief Medical Officer USS Enterprise-D, preparing to take her Bridge Officer's Test. Dr. Crusher once said she took it not just to reach the rank of full commander, but to occasionally take the captain's chair (or center seat) during Gamma Shift.

Line Officer: Edit

A Line Officer is an officer (ensign, lieutenant j.g., lieutenant, lieutenant commander) from a non-command division (i.e. medical, operations, security, engineering, sciences) who wishes to be able to take command of the bridge during off-hours (Gamma-Shift) or in the event of an emergency situation when the regular command division officers are not available or dead. For example the Chief Medical Officer might wish to add Line Officer to his personnel file, and takes his Bridge Officer's Test, which enables him to sit in the captain's chair under certain circumstances. First, the officer must be trained in the use of all stations on the bridge, most especially Flight Control (Conn), Tactical, and Ops (Operations Management.) He must learn the basic functions of all departments of the ship, starship tactics, Away Team protocols, Contact Protocols, etc. In short, all of the general requirements of a commanding officer of a starship. This Six-Month course of study is available both at Starfleet Academy and on-board a starship, usually through instructional courses via PADD and on a holodeck.

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