The bridge is the primary command center of a starship. It is from here that the captain has control of the functions of his ship and its crew. The first officer generally sits to the captain's right and the chief of the boat sits to the captain's left.

The Federation are one of the many races that have a bridge on their ships, however, the Borg do not utilize one.

On all Federation ships, the bridge is on top of the ship on Deck 1.

Nova Class Bridge:Edit

Nova class refit bridge by falke2009

Nova Class Bridge artwork by Falke on Deviant

Because of its original incarnation as the Defiant/Pathfinder vehicle, a Nova Class Starship has some design features retained, including a sunken bridge module, which is surrounded by a "ring" of other compartments that shield the bridge from a direct attack. The command seating is located in the center of the circular bridge, as is traditional; the captain sits on the right, the executive officer on the left, with a foldaway console between them.  Directly ahead of the command officers is the Conn station.  To port and starboard of the Conn, are Ops and Tactical, respectively.  The rear of the bridge comprise the Engineering Station, the MSD, and various science console stations.  There is an additional auxiliary console behind the captain and first officer, where the visiting scientist in charge of a project usually is stationed.  The doors to starboard exit to the bridge turbolift stop, while the opposite doors on the port give access to other Deck One compartments, such as the Captain's Ready Room, Officer's Conference Lounge, 2 Officer's Quarters, the posh VIP Quarters, the VIP Observation Lounge, 4 escape pods, emergency life support, and two small science labs.

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Vanguard CommandEdit

Onboard Fleet Carriers and Heavy Battleships of Vanguard Command, the bridge is divided into two halves: the Flag Bridge , where the Flag Officer-in-Command and his staff hold stations in directing fleet or task force movement, and the Navigation Bridge, where the Commanding Officer and his staff control the functions of the ship.

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