Bolarus IX








Bolarus IX is a planet in the Bolarus system and the homeworld of the Bolian race. Historically, it has been referred to by several other names, including Bolarus, Bolius IX, Bolias, Boliax, and Bole. It is a member of the United Federation of Planets.

Location and geographyEdit

It is located near the Romulan Neutral Zone, which led to it becoming a significant theatre of conflict in the Dominion War. The surface of Bolarus IX is dominated by oceans. The Cliffs Of Bole were a well-known scenic spot on the planet.

Society and cultureEdit

The Bank of Bolias is a prominent Federation financial institution. Its governing body is the Quorum of Bole. Min Zife, the former Federation president, was from Bolarus IX. He first served as a planetary district representative on his homeworld and then as Bolian Federation councillor before becoming president.

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