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Birail Riyannis, née Izer
Birail Riyannis




Trill (joined)






Federation, Starfleet



science officer, USS Bajor




Active (2409)



Jonek Izer


Pallas Izer (mother)
Karin Izer (stepmother)


Norvo Izer (half-brother)
Penya Izer (stepsister)

Marital Status:



Birail Riyannis was a joined Trill and the fifth host of the Riyannis symbiont since 2398. She was science officer of the USS Bajor.


Early lifeEdit

Birail Izer was born on Trill in 2375 while her mother, a Starfleet non-commissioned officer assigned to the USS Shanghai, was home on maternity leave. Senior Chief Gunner's Mate Pallas Izer was killed in action later that year at the Second Battle of Chin'toka when the Shanghai was struck by a Breen energy dissipator and destroyed by two Chel Grett-class cruisers.

Birail's father remarried in 2379, but remained bitter over the death of his first wife and discouraged her from joining Starfleet.

Birail applied to the Trill Symbiosis Commission while interning at the Trill Science Ministry in 2396. After being assigned Rear Admiral Ezri Dax as her field docent and approved, she was implanted with the Riyannis symbiont in 2398.

Starfleet careerEdit

Birail Riyannis' contact with RADM. Dax had a great influence on the younger Trill, and in 2400 she applied to Starfleet Academy on sciences track over her father's objections, double-majoring in astrophysics and exobiology. She graduated in 2404 and was assigned to the USS Garvey's exobiology lab, where she spent the next year.

Riyannis spent the next two years bouncing between various starbase laboratories, but in 2407 she was assigned to be the science officer of the USS Kagoshima under Lieutenant Kanril Eleya. Kanril would soon be fast-tracked to captain for a series of exploits on the Klingon front, and Riyannis went with her, having decided to leash her own star to that of the Bajoran captain. By 2409 she was the science officer of the USS Bajor.

Personal interestsEdit

Riyannis was a competent golfer, a game also enjoyed by two of her symbiont's previous hosts.

Behind the scenesEdit

Birail Riyannis was originally a Starfleet science bridge officer in Star Trek Online. StarSword-C used that crew as the main cast of his story Bait and Switch.

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