Biotech Industries is one of several "Hyper-Corporations" within the Milky Way Galaxy Biotech has many patents along with several uncreated or testing ground projects for both Starfleet and Section 31.


A large hyper-corporation spanning countless solar systems with deep political and military influences. Starting out as a lowly technology developing company, they managed to grow by providing critical components for the LCARS system used on all modern computers. Eventually, Biotech began to buy up all completion. Narrowly escaping anti-Trust laws, Biotech rapidly spread its grasp across the stars.

Recent DevelopmentsEdit

Funded ProjectEdit

CompForce ProgramEdit

To increase Away team safety, Biotech began designing reusable cybernetic chassis for soldiers. The chassis could carry much heavier equipment than standard for a 2 or 3 man away team such as an independent transporter, slightly miniaturized pulse phaser cannon, and starship-quality scanners or medical systems.

Unfortunately, there were enough allergic reactions to interfacing with the chassis that Biotech began pre-testing MACO volunteers for the interface.

Recently, the Wyrqux incident was formed to add new "advanced" soldier-types into the CompForce ranks.

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