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The Beta Gabriel System is a star system located in the Alpha Quadrant of the Milky Way.


It was first surveyed by the Federation's 17th Expeditionary Fleet in the 2240s, and a remote human colony was established on the system's only terrestrial planet, Beta Gabriel II. For decades following its initial colonization, the Federation had planned to integrate further into the system, but was continuously put off because most of the Federation's forces in that region were dedicated towards maintaining stable relations with the Klingons. By the 2300s, it became clear that the colony had died out and was promptly scheduled for recolonization to take place sometime around the 2350s, give or take a decade.

The original settlement was repopulated in 2347, and the colony flourished until April, 2412, when it became the site of one of the first attacks made by the {{Ma|.

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