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Bajorian-Cardassian Alliance
Bajoran-Cardassian Alliance Emblem (Comm Badge) 001




Bajor/Cardassia Prime




The Bajorian-Cardassian Alliance was a Inter-imperial coalition created when peaceful first contact was made between the Bajorian Empire and the Cardassian Union in the Warship VOY Universe. The Alliance is currently one of the central Members of the Imperial Federation of United Worlds and one of the principal members of the Federations Inter-Imperial Defense core within the Milky Way Galaxy.


The Cardassians had been in a long and losing war with the IFUW, and were on the verge of surrender after a nearly 200 year long war with the Bajoran people. Despite their distrust for outsiders, the Cardassians believed that it would be too dangerous to have two enemies, one with superior technology and the other whose people would fight to the last man to keep their freedom.

Therefore, the two races created a pact with one another to defend each other from the IFUW.


After several heated conflicts, the Alliance and the Imperial Federation called a mutual cease-fire. All defense stations along their borders were shut down and ambassadors from both sides were sent to maintain peaceful relations among them. Intendant Kira was one such ambassador of peace.

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