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The Bajoran language was a group of both extinct and existing languages used by the Bajorans.

Bajoran dialects Edit

Like most languages it had several dialects, in this case comprising regional variations in verb conjugation, some articles and conjunctions, and which loan words from other tongues such as Cardassian and Federation Standard English were adopted into the dialect.

It was reasonably common for Bajorans in the 24th and 25th centuries to speak multiple dialects. Federation linguists have noted a gradual blurring of dialectical lines attributable to global communications and transportation.

Dialects of Bajoran included Kendran, from Kendra Province; Dakhuri, from Dahkur Province; Hathoni, from Hathon Province; and Glyrhondi, from the areas bordering the Glyrhond River.

Established words and phrases Edit

  • Ahel Bajor’eta. — Hathoni dialect, lit. "You're Bajoran," with honorific for a mature female younger than the speaker.
  • Phekk — Mild profanity, contextually used similarly to English "hell" (e.g. "what the phekk"). "Phekk'ta" is an adjectival form.
    • Phekk’ta yepal y’kren al’borea tash kelot! — Apparent string of profanity remarked on as "impressive".
  • Shel na tal. Vo bo tal shek. — Hathoni dialect, lit. "It's safe. You're safe now."
  • Sher hahr kosst — Glyrhondi curse evoking the Pah-wraiths ("Kosst Amojan" in Bajoran).
  • Terga yan. — Toast when drinking, equivalent to English "cheers" or Gaelic "sláinte."
  • Y’trel bo tava tu san yc’fel, Dakhur’etil va’yaputal! — Trash talk by Captain Kanril Eleya while watching a springball match.

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