Alternate timeline
(covers information from Warship Voyager)

Kira Nerys

Planet of Origin:

Bajor Prime


Bajorian-Cardassian Alliance

Environmental Needs:


Life Span:

250 Years

Victor Garber Klingon makeup
For prime universe species, see Bajoran.

Bajorians (or also known as their plural name of Bajora) are 1 of 5 prominent species within the Gamma Quadrant and are one of the later principal members of the Imperial Federation of United Worlds.



Bajorians mainly appear similar to humans however many Bajorian males are at least well over six feet tall and internally have a reinforced skeletal structure making them well built for both high strenuous work and combat. All Bajorians are distinguished by their characteristic series of four to seven horizontal creases across their noses. It is because of this physical distinction that gives Bajorian males an appearance similar to Klingons whom reside within a Alternate quantum reality.

Cardiological StructureEdit

The Bajorian heart is mirrored along a horizontal axis, unlike the Human heart, which is mirrored along a vertical axis. A puncture in the lower ventricle of the heart will cause instantaneous death.


While primarily Bajorians are in primary genders of male and female for basic procreation Bajorian women have been given an unique evolutionary adaptation. Instead of one basic primary set of reproductive organs as most species of females within the Milky Way Galaxy.

Bajorian females are divided into two different sub-sets. First females, which are endowed with an hermaphroditic reproductive system similar to male avian cloacal system along side a primary female reproductive system and second females, which are females who are born with a basic female reproductive system (for more on the similar process see Bird Reproduction). As is similar to avian reproduction, first females are equipped with a set of binary internal testes which produce spermatozoa which allows and makes possible the process of female to female procreation, it is due to this biological process that Bajorian first females have a greater amount of the hormones testosterone and preganzone. For decades biological researchers have tried to discover the reason of this genetic oddity and so far Imperial Federation researchers have created two hypothesis of this bio-process:

  1. Possibly Bajorians are evolutionary descendants of some sort of previously unknown avian species
  2. This reproductive process is a product of some sort of pre-historic period in which most Bajorian males were killed off and nature found a way in order to compensate

Pregnancy and Gestation PeriodEdit

Bajorian women gestate for only five months, forming an intricate network of blood vessels between the mother and the fetus. During the pregnancy, Bajorian women are frequently afflicted by bouts of uncontrollable sneezing.

Common LifespanEdit

Bajorians have a common lifespan of at least 200 years; as imperial arbiter Els Renora states her age to be such, and looks and acts as a healthy 21st century human in her seventies. Given her apparent good health, it is quite possible they lived even longer.

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