Alternate timeline
(covers information from Warship Voyager)
Neural parasite


BORG Genome Hive

Environmental Needs:

Can withstand various climatic extremes and can breathe several radically different gaseous & fluidic atmospheres

Livingwitness 106
For prime universe species, see Borg.

The Biological Organic Regenerative Genomatrix or BORG for short are 1 of 6 Prominent Exo-Species within the Delta Quadrant in the Warship Voyager Universe. Seemingly perceived by many other species as the pinnacle of genetic perfection. The BORG have created their own ruthless power base over thousands of millienia. It was also discovered by the crews of Imperial Federation Warships NXT Enterprise-D and NXT Voyager that the BORG are primarily insectoid in nature and the possible progenitor of several other similar species throughout the galaxy.


It is unknown when and where the primary species known as BORG first appeared or came from but it has been dated that the first species that has been assimilated by them was as early as 932 AD and by 1484 they had created their central power base consisting of several hundred stellar systems throughout the quadrant. This initial assimilated species appeared to be a primary humanoid in appearance similar to Humans, Bajorians and Trill and seemed to exist in near the farthest edge of the galaxy uniquely within a region of non humanoid occupied space.

After several thousand years by the late mid-24th century the BORG managed to both assimilate and occupy a large portion of the Delta Quadrant and with propulsion technology known as Transwarp began to explore and acquire small regions of other quadrants of the Galaxy.

Imperial Federation 1st ContactEdit

The BORG made first contact with the Imperial Federation of United Worlds in 2364 and it was centrally due to this primary encounter that the next several hundred years of Human Imperial technological evolution would be advanced by several centuries ahead of what was first predicted. The BORG was first encountered by the crew of Imperial warship NXT Enterprise-D as the insectoid species began to infiltrate the Alpha Quadrant in CombatDate: 41775.5

The BORG began their attempted occupation as they have always done for thousands of years by the subtle infiltration and genetic assimilation of several of the species leaders and spreading outward to complete the process.

BORG/Dominion WarEdit

By 2365, the BORG began to expand within the outskirts of the Gamma Quadrant and had begun to create large Unicomplex outposts slowly stretching towards the Alpha Quadrant, however, unknown to them another central Gamma species a powerful shape-shifting race known as the Dominion had begun to perceive the BORG as interlopers due to their interference as due to their shared interest in the Alpha Quadrant and also due to their begun assimilation of several Dominion controlled worlds within the region. By their own rights the Dominion were a species on their own not to be taken lightly either. It was centrally due to this and their shared sentiments of superiority over other species that this would inevitably lead to conflict.

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