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The Aves-class starship was a Romulan Republic warbird used in the 25th century. It was developed by Dyson Joint Command implementing knowledge and technologies discovered in the Solanae Dyson Sphere.

History Edit

Technical Information Edit

The Aves-class was chiefly a science vessel but also had features common to destroyers. It possessed a standard Romulan cloaking device and variable geometry features. Switching to tactical mode reduced its scientific abilities, but enabled it to use a pair of heavy proton cannons for improved damage output.

The class also had three enhanced sub-variants, the Caprimul, Harpia, and Tyton-classes.

Variants Edit

Caprimul Edit

The Caprimul variant featured additional science facilities over the standard Aves, as well as improved hull plating and shielding. The scientific enhancements to the variant allowed for the starship to emit a devastating tachyon beam blast from its deflector, cause the targeted ship's shields to briefly collapse in a wave of energy.

Harpia Edit

More tactically and combat focused than the other variants, the Harpia-class was equipped with a Proton Destabilizer Module which allowed the starship to draw power from its enhanced warp core to emit a devastating proton beam from its deflector focused on a nearby enemy.

Tyton Edit

Compared to the standard Aves, and the other variants, the Tyton-class featured enhanced engineering and energy management capabilities. The variant was also equipped with a Protonic Shielding Matrix, which allowed the starship to store and then divert tremendous amounts of proton particles to periodically reinforce its shields.

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