An attack squadron is a squadron type of the Starfleet Starfighter Corps utilizing heavier two-seat fighters. They typically assault larger targets, both fixed and mobile.

Notable Attack Squadrons

SFFC Attack Squadrons
Designation Name Craft Type Current Assignment Commander
AS-3 Avenger Gryphon USS Miranda (NCC-77000-B) Lt. Gn'naq Ln'Dati
AS-36 Pisces Falcon USS Atlantia (NCC-80023) (unknown)
AS-75 Blackbird Viper USS Reliant (NCC-80160) (unknown)
AS-77 Moonshine Redemption USS Challenger (NCC-76941) (unknown)
AS-234 Basilisk Gryphon Starbase One (unknown)
AS-292 Black Knight Redemption Starbase Atlantis (unknown)
AS-293 Black Widow Gryphon USS Beowulf (NCC-24462-A) Lt. Monique LaCroix
AS-300 Hammer Peregrine USS Beowulf (NCC-24462-A) Lt. Shun Tanaka
AS-362 Protector Peregrine USS Protector (NCC-77910) (unknown)
AS-416 Jester Peregrine Starbase One Major Roger Becker
AS-424 Nebula Redemption SFFC Command, Titan Major Sr'Altas Anitar
AS-454 Serenity Gryphon (unknown) (unknown)
AS-495 Charger Falcon (unknown) (unknown)
AS-501 Tiger Peregrine Starbase One (unknown)
AS-510 Viper Falcon Starbase One (unknown)
AS-555 Demon Peregrine USS Geneva (NCC-68992) (unknown)
AS-606 Raider Gryphon USS Nelson (NCC-73439) (unknown)
AS-611 Warrior Redemption (unknown) (unknown)
AS-791 Normandy Gryphon USS Victory (NCC-69233) (unknown)
AS-800 Justice Peregrine USS Marvel (NCC-97180) (unknown)