Astrometrics was a specialized laboratory found aboard Federation starships for stellar cartographic purposes. It is basically the same as a Stellar Cartography lab.

Astrometrics is utilized for charting such interstellar bodies as stars, planets, nebulae, and even spatial phenomena. It contains a large wraparound holographic wall screen which could display a stellar region in three dimension. There are a series of control panels to manipulate the screen. The area below the screen and in front of the control panels could be used as a stage during presentations. Astrometrics also includes three workstations on each side wall.

For convenience or for advanced analysis, astrometrics could also be used for long range communications purposes or even as a workplace for easy access to sensor information.

Vanguard CommandEdit

Aboard the Invincible, Suzerain, and Yamato-class Federation capital ships, this section of a vessel is called the Astrometrics and Stellar Cartography Lab, or ASCL. The ASCL uses more powerful systems and has more control panels than a standard astrometrics lab or a standard stellar cartography lab.

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