The Assistant Chief Medical Officer, or ACMO, is responsible for assisting the chief medical officer in maintaining the crew's physical and psychological health and fitness. The ACMO is responsible for co-conducting routine physical examinations and special duty physicals. Other duties of the ACMO is to help diagnose and treat any crew ailments, help run emergency medical drills, help train the crew in first aid, help set up remote hospitals and clinics and when possible, and help find cures for any new conditions encountered by the ship.

Starfleet vessels are often tasked to render medical assistance to any ship, station or planet in need, and the ACMO is one of those charged with ensuring that this is done.

A one of the ship's senior surgeons, the ACMO performs any needed medical procedures and any elective surgery as authorized. The ACMO helps coordinate with the ship's Counselor or executive officer with respect to the crew's psychological well being. The ACMO helps prescribes special diets and exercise regimens as necessary. In regards to any special environments required by any alien crewmembers or visitors, the ACMO helps coordinate with the Operations officer. Another task assigned to the ACMO is to help monitor the ship's food replicators to ensure proper nutrition and safety. The ACMO will often accompany away teams if the CMO is unable, as new planets can harbor deadly plant and animal life.

Vanguard Command

Onboard the USS Invincible, there are two Assistant Chief Medical Officers:

Both serve under Captain Beverly Crusher, MD., the ship's Chief medical officer.

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