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Arcturus Black
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Arcturus Reagan Black was a Human Vice admiral in Starfleet during the mid-24th century, who also was allied with Admiral Sanders and his cohorts of the Brotherhood of the Aryan Race.


Not much is known about Black before he joined the Brotherhood. It is believed that he is the descendant of Gregory Logan Black, a United Earth Starfleet Admiral of the 22nd century.

Much of his career within the Brotherhood was involved in hostile take-overs of certain planets which, during the 24th century, became colonies of the Federation. He was personally involved in the Turkanva IV operation; his job entailed secretly infiltrating the colony and organizing the coalitions that broke the government apart. Though Black had no use for espionage or secrecy, he did admire the goal of the Turkana IV project: namely, making a generation of humans fanatically loyal to the Federation. This project saw fruition in Natasha Yar, though none of the masterminds ever lived to see their success.

Black had a very shaky history with the Romulans, and had personally suggested passing anti-Romulan laws to the Federation President. Many of these were passed, though not with the racial undertones so blatant. Eventually, some of his other, more disturbing, actions were revealed. To his great shame, he and his ship, the USS Cochrane, were given tour duty to some students from Starfleet Academy.


While ferrying the tour students, the Cochrane was attacked by Romulans who wanted vengeance after a particularly nasty deed done to them by Black. He was killed in the attack, but the students survived, as well as his Vulcan first officer Spyrak; they were later rescued by the USS Admonitor.


  • Black, unlike Sanders and Leo Shield, is a full heterosexual: more so, he is a sexist and a chauvinist.
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