Archer IV


61 Ursae Majoris








Archer IV is a planet located relatively close to Sector 001. It was first visited in 2151 by the crew of the Enterprise, with Captain Jonathan Archer, after whom the planet is named.

The Archer IV shipyards are located here, and they were used for the construction of the USS Pioneer. (PIO: "On a Knife Edge")

Archer IV remained uninhabitable throughout the 22nd century. In the early 2200s, however, an antidote for the pollen was discovered. By 2268, more than seven hundred million people populated the planet.

In 2366, Archer IV was the destination of the Federation starship USS Enterprise-D following an investigation of a nearby radiation anomaly.

Alternate timelineEdit

Archer IV was the site of a battle in the Second Federation-Klingon War. The Enterprise-D engaged a series of Klingon warships, the Enterprise emerging the victor.

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