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Andrew Wellington
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Chief engineer


USS Admonitor


2285 Engineering Commander


Andrew Richard Seymour Wellington was the Lieutenant commander under chief engineer K'Mehr on the USS Admonitor from 2340 to 2344. After K'Mehr was killed by Captain Young for insubordination, Wellington was promoted to chief engineer, a post which he has kept from that day to the present.

Early Career

Born in London, England in Lambeth's "no-mans" zone, Wellington knew the depravity that existed within the Federation and the fact that no one really knew or cared about the people in these "no-mans" lands, even though real people lived and died here. However, he wanted something different for himself. He wanted to explore the stars and see what lay beyond the dark "under-city" of Earth and the Federation.

Completely by accident, he wandered out of Lambeth one day and was caught up in a group of youths who were enlisting in Starfleet. Before he knew it, he was shipped off with them to Starfleet Academy in San Fransisco, where he excelled in engineering and astrophysics. He took up a career in engineering and was first posted on the USS Cochrane as an engineering assistant in 2339.

USS Admonitor

A year later, Wellington was still just an ensign, having been passed up for promotion by other less than competent officers. The reason for this was that Black had discovered Wellington's whereabouts and therefore blocked his promotion. Seeing this, Wellington took the first chance he got to leave the Cochrane and start a new.

That chance came with the launch of the USS Admonitor. Though Lianna Young was not inclined to having male crewmen in positions of importance, Wellington's engineering skills were second to none.


In 2344, when the USS Enterprise-C was almost destroyed at Narendra III, the USS Admonitor received its distress signal. But due to their distance from the Narendra system, it would be too late at full impulse, so Captain Young ordered K'Mehr to activate the S'srelli warp-drive. He refused to, and was killed for refusing a direct order. Wellington was then promoted and given the incentive to activate as ordered or be killed. He did as he was commanded.

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