Andrew Richardson






Borg Collective
Federation, Starfleet





USS Livingston
Deep Space 9


Chief petty officer


Deceased (2378)


Chief Andrew Richardson was an enlisted Starfleet engineer serving on space station Deep Space 9 in the mid-24th century.

Starfleet Career

USS Livingston

Richardson joined Starfleet in 2362 as an enlisted officer. He was sent to the USS Livingston and served on board that ship for six years, under the command of Captain Grady Howard. Richardson was under the influence of the Torfotha virus, which caused massive delusions in the brain, while on an away mission to Faki. Richardson nearly killed his executive officer, Commander Chakotay, however, Chakotay was able to fend him off and the two returned to the Livingston.

Deep Space 9

In 2372, Richardson accepted a promotion to chief petty officer and was transferred to Deep Space 9, under the command of Captain Benjamin Sisko. Richardson was assigned to help Senior chief petty officer Miles O'Brien with repairs of the Defiant, which had been damaged during a Dominion attack on stardate 49348.9.

Assimilation and Death

In 2377, Richardson, along with Lieutenant Nog, took the Federation runabout USS Rio Grande into the Orias sector after receiving a distress call from a Bajoran freighter. However, they soon realized that the freighter had been assimilated by the Borg. The Rio Grande was immediately intercepted by a Borg cube, with Nog and Richardson beamed to the cube. Nog and Richardson were about to be assimilated, until Nog activated his combadge, which caused an electro-dynamic charge. The Borg drones were incapacitated and the two began to make their way to their runabout. A hatch began to close to the ship and only one person could make it through in time. Richardson threw Nog into the hatch before it was too late. He was assimilated and designated "Six of Twelve".

In 2378, Six of Twelve was on a Borg cube near the transwarp network in the Delta Quadrant. Six of Twelve was killed when the USS Voyager destroyed the cube he was on with transphasic torpedoes from the future.