Rogue planetoid


Tholian Assembly


Anaura is a rogue planetoid located deep inside Tholian Assembly space. It acts just like the sun in Sector 001, standing still in space.


The planet is part of a legend, stating that in the year 400 BC the planet broke out of its orbit and drifted for thousands of years across the Alpha Quadrant, before coming to rest in Tholian space.

Whilst there is an atmosphere, the planet is covered in darkness. Lieutenant commander Jennifer Parker of the USS Pioneer described it as being "the biggest desert there is", causing confusion amongst the crew as the planet would have become an icy world.

Anaura is a word in the Tholian language, meaning 'place of darkness'. Ensign Nick O'Connell, also of the Pioneer, couldn't be sure if it was a literal description of the planetoid, as Tholian language is "incredibly complex".

Secretive PlanetoidEdit

When arriving on the border of Tholian space, a Tholian commander beamed aboard the Pioneer and stated that the planetoid was nothing more than a myth. In a private conversation with Captain Mantree however, it was revealed that it did in fact exist, but the Tholian Assembly demanded that no ship was to approach it, as the Tholians kept top-secret information there.

It was also made known that Anaura was part of a star desert, the reason for it being constantly dark. The region was filled with gravimetric distortions, another counter-measure against smaller ships attempting to encroach on Tholian territory. (PIO: "On a Knife Edge")

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