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American-Soviet War I


2091 - 2122


Soviets move to Gamma-Alpha Quadrant border
Andorians and Vulcans join the UPA
Klingons and UPA are allies
Romulans and Soviets are allies


United Planets of America
American Starfleet
United Kingdom Royal Navy
Kingdom of Klingons
Klingon Starfleet

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Soviet Starfleet
Romulus Empire
Romulan Navy


President Don Reynolds
King Edward VII
King Qu'tos Duras

Josef Kamarov
Selair Lorak

Casualties and Losses

4 million deaths

8 million deaths


The American-Soviet War I was a war that took place in the Alpha Quadrant. It started after a failed invasion of Alpha Centauri I by the Soviets. The Americans declared war. One of the biggest effects of war was that the Soviets were pushed off of Earth and up near the Gamma Quadrant.


The BeginningEdit

Soviet ships under stealth got to Alpha Centauri I. It got past the planetary guard and the fleet descended down to the surface. They were to wait there until ordered to attack the capital. When there was a brawl between two officer, and they accidentally turned off one of the cloaking the devices.

Almost instantly, a signal relayed to Earth saying there was traces of Soviets. Fleets from around the system came in as the Soviets started an early attack. Admiral Kathus Stendar took control of the battle. He sent all the fleets directly at the Soviet ships. It took two days until all of the Soviet ships were depleted from Alpha Centauri.

After the battle, the President decided to make a counter-attack, he had made the endeavor to make many more ships and try to drive out the Soviets out of Russia. He made a two year plan. One year, they would get ships refitted to accommodate battle, as well as constructing more ships; all would be aliases of "exploration ships". The following year, they would attack the Union's primary fleet yard, as well as other systems.

Unfortunately, it didn't go as planned, and information was leaked out about the new fleets. Josef Kamarov was trialed and convicted guilty. The Soviets sent out an attack in America's toughest prison, the Super Max. After the battle, the Soviets had liberated most of the prisoners, including Kamarov. When Josef was back in home, he killed the current dictator as he was unhappy with his prize of finding the information. He took over the Soviet Union.

Josef had also taken control of the flagship, the SS Kiev. He lead a campaign to not let America take their lands. He had made anyone above the age of seventeen enlist in the Soviet Starfleet. He lead the Union to "Destroy the Americans, and everyone affiliated".

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