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Alynna Nechayev
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Alynna Nechayev was a Human female who served as Admiral of Starfleet Command as well as holding a significant place in the Federation Council.


She was born in 2307 to members of the Federation Council. Her father was also a leading member of the old Brotherhood of the Aryan Race. He wanted a son so badly that he had Alynna cut her hair short in order to make her appear less feminine and took her with him on his meetings with the Brotherhood, calling her his son "Alexander".

In 2341, she became commander of a squadron of MACOs of the Jupiter Defense Station deployed on Ganymede. Four years later, she was called to oversee a trial in which enemies of the Federation had been captured for their crimes against humanity. It was at this time that it was revealed to the members of the Brotherhood that "Alexander" Nechayev was in fact a woman.

Later CareerEdit

Nechayev valued the ideals of the Brotherhood, and put some of them to good use, especially in her actions against the Maquis. Over the years between 2345 and 2371, she helped to rebuild the Brotherhood, renaming it the Order of the Master Race, and allowing women to take part in it.

By 2406, she was the Federation's first choice for the presidency.

Later in that year, she was elected president. Her term was marked by various conflicts with Edward Shield and his insurrection, as well as a second Dominion invasion, a third Federation-Klingon war, a cold war with the Ultari Empire and the invasion of the InterGalactic Relon Empire.

Before and during her presidency, she passed several laws that allowed her to stay in office for life, all of which were unanimously accepted. All of Earth hailed her as a hero, even though she let 30 billion die during the Great Blackout on Earth during the Relon invasion.

Later in 2407, she made radical changes to the laws of the Federation. Rather than taking a neutral-but-suppressing stance against religion (as the Federation and United Earth had been doing since the 22nd century), she officially outlawed religion.

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