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Federation, Starfleet





50,000 crew
10,000 civilian
6,500 marines


Space Folding Warp


Quantum Transphasic Torpedo, Rectar Type D Phaser


Shields Type MIX


The Altair-class was a type of Federation starship designed by Karies Togh. It was one of the first class designed to have site-to-site transportation. It also featured many entertainment features. The ship has an Elementary, Junior High, and Senior High schools inside, some have been given a university or college.


The idea for the Altair-class was first thought up in 2561. Karies Togh had started thinking about a class based off of the new technology on the USS Enterprise-J. She included a schools for all ages, homes to accommodate 67,000 passengers. Three decks hold all of the engineering equipment, and the top deck has the bridge. When she fleshed out the everything on the ship, it was put to construction in late-2562.

The name of the first starship was the USS Somerset, after the birthplace of Togh. It was staring to be made in the replidocks. It took five months before it launched in 2563. It only had fifty percent of the civilians aboard, but would later add up to full capacity.

When Karies Togh died, they launched the second ship, originally name Essex, but then renamed it USS Togh. A memorial was also made inside the starship next to the Karies Togh University. The ship was then assigned to the Andromeda Galaxy.

Twenty-three more starships were made before the Altair-class was retired, although there were still Altair-classes around.

Commissioned shipsEdit

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Deck LayoutEdit

This is the order of the ship decks and what is on it.

Deck Locations
Bridge Main Bridge, Ready Room, Observation lounge
Deck 1 Officer's Mess, Captain's Quarters

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