Alternate timeline
(covers information from Warship Voyager)
AV-X science exploratory drone
Imperial Holo-Drone 0003


AV 10 drone

Place of Creation:

Utopia Holo Concepts, Mars


Basic probe/maintenance Holographic automated drone

System Configuration:

energized Trideuterium power cell


Imperial Federation of United Worlds


Imperial Fleet


Automated Science Survey Unit


Delta Phoenix hazard drone


5 Pulse phaser Arrays
4 EM stun emitters
internal Photonic torpedo launch/ generation system


The AV-X Holographic Science Exploratory Drone is the central automated holographic assistance system for all warships within the Imperial Federation. Typically used as an automated probe for planets that are uninhabitable for organic life. The AV-X is also commonly used as a maintenance assistance drone and aid for searching planetary areas that are far too difficult for basic Humanoids to explore.

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