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Ŋretu are a species that are space-faring and have joined Starfleet. They are from the Beta Quadrant.


They have a similar structure to humans but have many different features. They name their feet Ŋ, their legs and lower torso Re, their upper torso T, and their heads U all together making Ŋretu. A different feature is their skin is colored urobilin. They have blue hair on their heads, chins (in only a deep indent - males only), and eyebrows (much thicker there). They have horizontal folds on their forehead, getting less by increased age as the folds start growing on their stomach. They have a deep indent on their chin similar to the shape of a triangular prism and they can grow hair there (males only). Their hair color typically darkens after puberty, they have curly/wavy hair depending upon if they are male (curly or wavy) or female (wavy). They have a lifespan of about 115 years, albeit most die around 90-100.


They became warp-capable in 2304.

In 2392 they joined the Federation.


They typically name based on the child's features as the first part of the name and then the family name.

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